Fall 2014 Digital Edition of Pathways

The Fall edition of Pathways focuses on ADHD, the overmedicated child, what is really happening to your child when you try to teach them to self-soothe, and the long term effects of induced labor. You can find the complete digital edition here.

A study done by Duke University in 2013 found that children born to mothers that had an induced and/or augmented labor had a 27% increased risk of autism compared to children born to mothers that had no augmented or induced labor. Click here for the article.

Many people advocate the idea of teaching a baby to self-soothe. But is this learned behavior really indicative of a baby that is calm, comfortable, and settled? When are babies' brians developmentally ready to self-soothe? Click here for the article.

Because chiropractic care focuses on correcting subluxations and the effects of these misalignments on the nervous system, proper chiropractic treatments can be an important step in improving the lives of those with ADHD. Click here for the article.

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