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Wellness Partners

Stillwater MN
Restorative Laser Therapy

Laser hair removal, Near infrared laser therapy for tissue repair

Our laser techs have been trained in the specialized use of cosmetic and therapeutic lasers to help you feel great both inside and out.

Diode Laser Therapy:

This laser can be used to treat a variety of conditions, from  tinea versicolor (typically a condition associated with pregnancy) to toenail fungus to unwanted hair. Diode laser therapy is often referred to as the gold standard when it comes to laser hair removal, as it gets the best results. No more waxing, no more shaving, let us make your morning routine easier!

Near Infrared (NIR) Laser Therapy:

This type of laser therapy is best for post-surgical healing, muscle repair, tight and sore muscles, and for increasing blood flow and collagen. No other chiropractic office in Minnesota has a NIR laser like ours and our doctors have specialized training to help you heal quicker and better utilizing this laser.

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Stillwater MN
Leta Mae

Leta Mae Originals and Energy Healing

Energy healing, past life regression, relaxation meditation, crystal balancing and mandalas, 651.260.6449

"Healing can take place on many levels: Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I am a certified hypnosis specialist in past life regression/ascension and relaxation meditations. I offer classes and take indiviudual appointments for energy healing, past life regressions, crystal energy healing consultations, and guided relaxation meditations. I also create crystal jewelry, mindful gifts, and other items to help balance yourself and your environment.

I have been drawn to crystals and stones my entire life. It was learning why I was drawn to them that brought me where I am today. My intention for healing is to help you honor that you are a unique individual with the ability and power to heal yourself. I just help you get our of your own way. Wellness starts with you! When you choose to take the steps and take care of you, it can make all the difference! Believe in the Power of You! I do!"

Stillwater MN
Kali Higgins


Plant medicine, mindfullness, wellness coaching, holistic health education, yoga and meditation classes


  • Herbal & flower essence consults

  • One-on-one & group coaching

  • Restorative yoga classes &

    private consultations
  • Integrative wellness classes &

    retreats from local and guest teachers

"Our mission at KALI is to provide opportunities for people to reconnect to themselves and to each other.  By staying grounded in the cycles of the seasons and maintaining a safe and welcoming community, we hope that each experience leaves you feeling transformed."

Stillwater MN
Katrina Cordes

Swedish, relaxation, prenatal

Bodywork for Injury Recovery

We specialize in auto-accident and sports injuries. Using advanced therapeutic massage techniques, we reverse the damages caused by traumatic impacts to the body.

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