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What Makes Us HAPi ?

Our kids!

More than anything, the greatest joy in our life is from the every day moments we spend with our three littles!


ailey is 8 years old and loves, loves everything horse! She is in gymnastics and has so much fun going fishing with her dad.

very is 6 years old and loves everything yellow and giraffes.  She is in ballet and is turning into quite the little reader. She hopes to be an astronaut, food critic, or ocean conservationist when she grows up!



iper is brand new! We are slowly getting to know this sweet girl. Happy little disposition and enthralled with our kitty, we are loving watching how much she changes every day!

Dr. Sayers attended Chadron State College where she graduated with honors, attaining her degree in Human Biology.

After deciding on pursuing a chiropractic career, she moved to Minnesota to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University where she graduated with her doctorate degree in chiropractic. She also interned under Dr. Spicer, who is currently the chiropractic pediatric instructor at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Dr. Sayers has a well rounded education and has a broad knowledge base for being able to treat the whole family. Her focus and passion is pediatric care and maternal wellness throughout pregnancy and after. She has adjusted children as young as 2 days old and regularly sees student athletes. She knows that ballet, gymnastics, football, hockey, lacrosse and so many others take such a toll on a young developing spine and nervous system. Keeping them in great shape with regular chiropractic care can keep the small stresses from becoming big problems.

Dr. Heathyre Sayers

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