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Pathways to Family Wellness Spring 2017 Issue

"Why do so many women become pregnant under chiropractic care, when they were never able to become pregnant before? Why are so many women seeking out chiropractic care in pregnancy in preparation for safer, easier births? Why are so many birth care providers referring pregnant mothers to chiropractors? How is it that babies who cannot breastfeed or are experiencing symptoms of digestive distress undergo significant changes with feeding and digestion? What does the chiropractic adjustment do to restore normal physiology and improve function? ( ... )

In a nutshell, each time a chiropractor adjusts someone’s spine, we replace the negative information that is flooding the brain with positive information. This recalibrates the brain to help stop the release of chronic stress hormones and allows overall health and healing to occur. Every time a person receives a chiropractic adjustment, it positively affects the brain and nervous system. This positive effect on the brain promotes a state of ease and well-being within the body." - John Minardi, B.H.K., D.C.

Pathways winter 2016 issue

Click here for the full pdf version of this issue!

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